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VB Technologies Corporation is an engineering firm providing Consulting Engineering Services in Structural and Civil Engineering. Founded by Nikhil S. Vyas, P.E., VB Technologies was incorporated in the State of Connecticut in 2002, and pre-qualified as an Engineering Consultant for Civil and Structural Engineering on transportation, bridges, and facilities projects. The Connecticut Department of Transportation has certified the firm as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.

VB Technologies Corporation offers a diverse spectrum of Professional Engineering Services. Members of the VB Technologies team have individually completed numerous projects with great success, including feasibility studies, final engineering design, construction inspection, and management in multiple disciplines.

The VB Technologies resume boasts work for a variety of clients, including state government entities such as the Department of Transportation, municipal government agencies, public and private utility companies, private developers, and prestigious engineering organizations. Regardless of the type of patron, client satisfaction remains the firm’s first priority.

The VB Technologies team has earned the firm an outstanding reputation for responsiveness, and achieves remarkable success in meeting schedules and working within project budgets. The firm’s experience and innovative ideas often help find efficient solutions to complex engineering problems, resulting in significant monetary savings for clients. Also, VB Technologies, by way of its smaller size and direct, personal conduct and correspondence, possesses the flexibility to meet clients’ more specified needs for assignments. The firm’s s size also lends it the capability to respond instantaneously to changes to agreements and/or assignments. Promoting progressive procedures, VB Technologies supports its engineering functions with modern computer systems and a full range of application software. The firm also uses communication tools which enable the immediate exchange of ideas and information between VB Tech and other offices. Such an inclination towards advanced means and methods ensures that VB Technologies Corporation remains adept in answering present and future challenges in engineering.



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